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Light and Shadow



Hey, I am  Naomi. 


Let me start by saying, I am very passionate!! What about you ask? about my job, one of the things I love the most is to tell stories through my photos, Basically, I take very ideas and play with them till I can see my vision from front of my eyes. 

I am a photographer and Graphic designer based in Rotterdam, 

With an experience of 25 years. 

Most Of my work as a photographer and graphic designer is around branding companies and helping them show their business and what they doing, I help them to tell the stories behind the inspiration that made them from first place to start with the business, I take the products and give it life. 

A lot of companies sometimes struggle with finding the right market and I am there to consult them and make other creative solutions by only thinking out of the box and making the right advertisement by showing in a fun way, what kind of service they provide.  

The things that motivate me its love and nature, I am inspired every day by things that are all around me, 

From there I create my ideas and my illustrations and paintings also. 

I really love what I am doing and would love to help you too, just contact me today and let's start work on your ideas 😊 

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